1941-1948 Chevy Dome Light Assembly “complete”

Listed here is a  1941-48 Chevy Dome Light Assembly “complete”.   

This  dome light is in extremely extremely good condition but I am listing this only because none of the parts for this are being made today.  The lens is the hardest piece to find.

To explain, the reflector which holds the bulb and socket are in excellent condition.  The bezel or rim  is in excellent condition.  Appearance wise, the lens looks  great but the lens does have a crack in it.  It is my opinion that with the assembly fastened in place it will look great and function as designed.  I do not believe the crack with effect the function or even the looks.  But you need to know you are buying an assembly that includes a cracked lens.  I will be adding a closeup of the crack.

  These are used one most models of the 1941-1948 Chevy, Stylemaster and Fleetmaster.  They are also used one some models of other GM products of those years.