1941-1948 Chevy Complete Dome Light Assembly


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Out of stock


 41-48 dome lite assy1941-1948 Chevy Complete Dome Light Assembly

8/29/17 this complete unit is out of stock until I can find another.  At this time the only parts of it I have would be the chrome bezel and one base/reflector being missing the socket.  I am always looking for more and always buying when I find so check back soon.

A  Complete Dome Lamp Assembly for the 1941-1948 Chevy.   As you can see with the NOS GM box pictured  this assembly is directly from GM.  Every portion of this light from the reflector to the lens to the bezel is new.  Ready to be installed in you restored chevy.

  Used in Chevys from 1941-1948 in the 2dr sedan, 4dr sedan, Stylemaster and Fleetmaster.  

For information sake,    when buying General Motors NOS parts, these black and gold GM boxes indicate the part was made by GM at the latest in the early to mid 50’s.   If the part is in a blue and white GM box it could be a GM remake or a reproduction part being made by a company that is licensed by GM to use their packaging.