1942-48 Chevy Rocker End Clip NOS

These clips are original GM NOS clips used by GM on all 1942 through 1948 Chevy Rocker Moldings.  They are not being made today.  The 1942 through 1948 Chevy used this clip only on the front fender, one on each front fender to hold the very front section of the rocker moldings tight to the fender.  Tight to the fender so as not to allow sticks or Rye Grass to get behind the molding and pop it off.

 If you need a longer bolt portion of this clip, please check out the 1946-48 T-Bolt (see link below), they are interchangeable with this part on the 1946 through 1948 Chevys.

Each car would use just two of these clips, one on each front fender while the rest of the rocker molding was held on by the 1942-48 Rocker Clips (see link below).

For those who are unaware, NOS means New Old Stock.  That is a part made by GM years ago, correct for the years stated but never installed on a vehicle.