1949-1954 Chrome GM Dr Striker set       1 pair

Listed here is a set of both right and left Door Strikers.  These are the original GM chrome plated version.  GM made these strikers in both bare metal and chrome.  These pictured above are original GM chrome and pictured is what you will receive.

In this picture the chrome on the right hand striker is in slightly better condition.  I say this only for clarity but honestly after installing them on your car you will not notice a difference.  These are not NOS, but excellent  condition.  Much better than average and though they both have scuff marks on the them where the  door latch contacts the striker, there is no wear at all. 

You will be happy with these.


For complete understanding, there is a minor difference between 1949-52 early production door strikers and 1953-54 later production door strikers.  They are 100% interchangeable mechanically and are the same in appearance.  These all also fits Pontiac and Oldsmobile.  In the pictures below, the one on the right is a 1953-54 and the left is a 1949-52.  The only difference being the metal reinforcement added to the right hand one.

You can see the addition of the plate in the picture one the right.


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