1949-1954 Chevy Door Striker set       1 pair

In these pictures I have for sale both right and left side Door Strikers.  These are NOS, new.   In the pictures you will see a small amount of grease which was not added rather there from production.  I am offering these as a set because that is the way they were marketed in the 50’s.  


For complete understanding, there is a minor difference between 1949-52 early production door strikers and 1953-54 later production door strikers.  They are 100% interchangeable and are the same in appearance.   But look at the 2 pictures provided.  In later production strikers there is added a metal plate to help prevent wear.  That is the only difference.  These all also fits Pontiac and Oldsmobile.

You can see the addition of the plate in the picture one the right.


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