1950 Chevy RH Grill Tooth

Listed here is one small part of the 1950 Chevy Grill

The 1950 Chevy RH Grill Tooth is not being made today.  This one is in extremely good condition for its age and when installed in your grill will look great.  The chrome shines nice and it has no pot metal damage. It does have what is known as shelf ware which means some very fine scratches in the chrome.  This happens when chrome parts are moved back and forth on a shelf for years, making room for faster selling parts. There is some very small pitting on one side in the very back but I believe when installed you would never see it.   

You will be happy with this piece.  Unfortunately I only have this one side in this condition.


These are not being made so your choices would be

1. good used examples “hard to find”

2. re chromed examples “can be expencive”

3. NOS examples “very hard to find”