1950’s Universal Fan Switch “Ampco”

This 1950’s Universal Fan Switch is unique in several ways. 1st it is in NEW condition. 2nd it has a unique bezel as part of the face of this switch.  3rd the switch has 5 speeds.  I assume it could be used as 6 or 12 volt because there is nothing indicated on the the switch that it is only 6 volt.

The majority of any universal heater/fan switch from the 1950’s that I have seen only have 3 speeds.

1st speed is worded “LOW” 

2nd speed is worded “1/4”   

3rd speed is worded “MED 

4th speed is worded “3/4” 

the high speed is worded “HI”

These speeds are shown in the small window, that you should be able to see in the picture above.

 It is the style switch that clamps to the underside of the metal Dash.   

It has 2 electric terminals on the back.