1951-52 Chevy 2 Door rear Gravel Shield DS

This picture is only showing one gravel shield, It is for the driver’s side.  At this time I only have the driver’s side available.  This 1951-52 Chevy 2 door rear Gravel Shield were used on all 2 door models.   

Sometimes called Stone Guards or Rock Guards, these shields are original GM stainless shields that are in excellent condition.  These are not being made today and in particular the passenger side is getting impossible to find just to use as a core.


Just the pieces your need to complete you beautiful Chevy.


1951-52 Chevy restored Gravel Shields 

For those people who are not familiar with the stainless restoration process,

allow me to explain.

When I have these original stainless gravel shields restored, 1st all the dings, dents, scratches, scrapes and waves are removed.  At that point they are sanded to a pure dull finish removing all the small high and low spots.  Last they are polished on a polishing wheel to a high luster.  This process is very labor intensive but worth every minute,

I hope this explanation is clear



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