1951-1952 rear bumper accessory Wing Tips

Listed here is a pair of 1951 and or 1952 Chevy Wing Tips

These Wing Tips are an original GM Accessory offered in 1951 and 1952 and will fit all the model cars for both those years except the station wagon..  They are for the rear bumper. They did not come standard on these cars, you had to pay extra and specifically order them.  This set has been re chrome to better than new condition.  I will be adding pictures of these specific parts in the next few days.  You will see in the up coming pictures they are magnificent.  You will be happy with these. 

For information, the station wagon from 1949-1952 used the same body, just changing the front clip and other things like the dash, to make it a 1951 or 1952. So the rear of the 1951 and 1952 wagon are essentionally a 1950 Chevy so the rear Wing Tips will not work.

Elsewhere in this website and you will find the matching set of front Wing Tips


These are not being made so your choices would be

1. good used examples “hard to find”

2. re chromed examples “can be expensive”

3. NOS examples “very hard to find”