1951 Chevy Front Fender Moldings “Original GM”    

These Front Fender Molding are used on all of the 1951 Chevy Cars.  This pair has been restored to better than new condition.  I will be adding pictures of the back of both moldings in the future.  The back, where the screws are found, are usually rusted away.  This set is not.  There are honestly a few screws that have broken off but I will do my best to fix that problem before shipping. 

The front is perfect, the rear is definitely good enough, as is, to hold them in place and with a little work I can make it better.  I am revealing these broken screws for honesty but none of the broken screws are enough to make me hesitate to sell or mount these moldings.  

You are buying two original GM molding restored to show condition.  Being restored means that all dings, dents and scratches have been removed.  Then they are polished to a better than new luster. (professionally restored)

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