1952 Chevy 2 door Quarter Panel Spear

Listed here is a beautiful example of a 1952 Chevy 2 door Quarter Panel Spear.  They were found on all 2 door models in 1952.  The convertible, the sedan, the Belair,  the Style line and the Fleet line   Made of stainless and pointed at both ends, they can be used on either side. 

These moldings that I am selling are original GM parts that have been restored to better than new and shine with an amazing luster.  All the dings, dents, scrapes and scratched have been removed and then they are polished to a show luster.   

In the picture above left you should see the molding circled to clarify what you are buying.  The other pictures are close up images of the molding you are to received.

You are buying “1” one moldings.

No examples of this molding are being made today.  You only choice, if needed, is to find one restored like this one.


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