53 54 Qtr Mldg Picture.jpg worded1953 – 1954 Chevy 2 Dr  rear Quarter Molding lower Drivers Side  

The 1953 – 1954 2 Dr rear Quarter Molding listed here is the drivers side lower molding that has been restored to show condition.  This molding is found on the Bel Air only. 

In this case being professionally restored means all dings, dents and scratches have been removed and then the molding is polished to a very high luster.  A luster that is better than what came frome the GM factory.




 There is an upper and a lower molding used one the Bel Air quarter panel connected at the rear by a 3rd small molding in the shape of a “V”.  “Bel Air script” is normally found in the front space of the opening, just behind a small rectangular molding referred to as a paint divider.  This opening, shown in this picture painted white, is usually painted the color of the roof.  

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