1953-54 Chevy 4 door rear Gravel Shields 

This pair of 1953-54 Chevy 4 door rear Gravel Shields, are original GM gravel shields.  Original shield that I have had restored to better than new condition.  The have had all the dings, dents, scrapes and pits removed, them polished to a show luster.  You are buying a pair.

These gravel shields, as well as other gravel shields, are some time called Stone Guards.

In that they are the 4 door version, what you are buying is the 2 pieces on the rear doors.

Listed elsewhere you will find the 2 lower shield extensions that are found under the rear doors, just behind the end of the rocker molding.

I hope this explanation is clear. 

Please keep in mind these shields are not being made today.



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