1953-1954 Chevy Backup Light Socket (dual contact)

The original light socket GM used for the backup lights  on the 1953 and 1954 Chevy’s was a 1 1/2 inch socket.   No one  is making a 1 1/2 inch socket today. 

Just For Clarity

While selling 1949-1954 Chevy parts since 2001, I have found that some of the sockets used by GM in this original application were one piece sockets and some were made just like these, that is 2 piece sockets.  

These sockets I sell work very well and can be made with either a single contact sockets, as the original backup lamp socket was,  or  dual contact sockets for those people who do not want a backup light but would rather use the socket for a brake light. 

 This listing for the Dual Contact Sockets

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