02.jpg 53 54 DS front Fender Mldg


1953   1954 Chevy  drivers  side  Front Fender Molding   restored  

1953   1954  drivers side Front Fender Molding is the same for all 1953-54 Chevy Cars.  2 Door 4 Door  2 Dr Sport Coupe and Convertible or Station Wagon.  You are buying an original GM molding restored.  These moldings have had all dings, dents and scratches removed then polished to a better than new luster. (professionally restored). Elsewhere you can find the moldings clips used on these moldings.

You are buying one molding.

 This restored molding is show quality.

 I will take a damaged mldg as trade to cut cost.  Call me at 352 236 6386