1953-1954 Chevy Headlight Bezel O-ring Springs, set of 4


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1953-1954 Headlight Bezel mounting clips (set of 4)

4 in stock


1953-1954 Chevy Headlight Bezel  O-ring Springs,  set of 4

The pictures I am using here are of original GM clips, dirty and rusty.  The set you are buying and will receive are reproductions clips.  The reproduction clips are back in stock now.

I also have a good quantity that are NOS and some that are excellent used.  If you prefer original clips please not that under notes and I will send original clips.   Please understand I do not ship or sell junk so you will get good clips. 


You should get good idea of how these clips work by looking over these 3 pictures. 

 These O-rings springs used on 1953-1954 Chevy are not the same as the ones used on the 1949-1952.    They do work the same way, that is holding the O-ring into the headlight bezel and at the same time holding the headlight bezel onto the car. 

Look at the picture, top right.  The top clip is made to fit into a slot located in the top of the headlight bucket.  That clip holds the top of the bezel onto to the car.  The other 3 located at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, are just there to hold the O-ring in place.  A chrome screw will fasten the bottom of the bezel to the car. 

What I have listed here is 1 “one” set of 4 O-ring springs, enough for one side of the car.



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