1953-54 Chevy Ignition Switch “complete”

This 1953-54 Chevy Ignition Switch is in excellent used condition. There are no scratches on it and it comes complete with an original key.  These pictures show multiple keys but this example only has one original key.  The lock cylinder works very easily and looks great.  It also comes with the nut that holds the switch into the dash.

This ignition switch has the nicest lock bezel that I have seen.  What I am referring to is the slot that the keys goes into.  Every other one I have seen is scratched and in many cases it scratched down to the brass.  On this one, all the chrome is still in great condition and shows not signs of ware.  I have tested it electrically and it works as designed.

If you are building an original 1953 or 1954 Chevy and want complete originality.  This is the switch you need.

 If you are unaware, the large hole in the upper section of the switch is for a light socket.  A light socket was put in the hole and it would light the plastic dial used with the switch.