1953 Chevy center Grill assembly

This 1953 Chevy center Grill assembly is a new reproduction.  I tried to show closeups of all 3 teeth.  By doing so I also was able to show closeups of the center grill bar.  I believe you can see these parts are better than nice.  The 2 outer teeth do have the correct reinforcement plate behind them.  The center does not because the center tooth on the 1953 grill was reinforced by a longer brace that fastened to the grill bracing and is not being made today.  A large fender washer works just find.

1953 Chevy center Grill custom mods 

I am a 1950’s-60’s customs car nut. If you are also tell me how I can help you.

I do have the ability to add teeth to one of these grills.  So if you want that custom look I can make it happen.  You just need to email me at [email protected] or call me at 352 875 2344

You will also find the parking light surrounds which attach to this grill, listed elsewhere in this website.



If you have any questions concerning these parts or any of my parts please call 352 875 2344