100_2987 1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel “Polished Stainless”

1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel, made of stainless steel.  These bezels have been restored to better than new condition.  Restoration for this item means all dings, dents, scratches and or scrapes were removed and then the bezel was polished to high luster.

GM in their ultimate wisdom, manufactured the headlight bezels for the 1953 Chevy using 2 different materials.  Brass and stainless.  Only GM knows why.  Listed here si the stainless version.

 Elsewhere in this website you will find a listing for these bezels made of brass.   The brass versions must be chrome plated while the stainless version listed here are polished thus less expensive.


I have found no information explaining the reason why GM used two different materials for the same bezel or when they changed materials.


What I have listed here is 1 “one” headlight bezel.

2 are needed for each car.  


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  These are not being made today.  So what I have is what I have.