100_2987 1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel “Chrome Plated”

Listed here is one 1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel, GM original, made of brass and chrome plated.  This bezels have been fully restored, meaning that all dings, dents, scrapes and or scuffs have been removed before being chrome plated to a better than new luster. 

Listed here for sale is one headlight bezel but if you order two, at the time of processing I will refund to you $35 making the total $315 for two. 

I have found no information explaining the reason why GM used two different materials for the same bezel or when they changed materials.


GM in their ultimate wisdom produced headlight bezels for the 1953 Chevrolet in 2 different materials, brass and stainless.  Only GM knows the reasoning for this. The bezels listed here are made of brass, freshly chromed and are beautiful.


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  These are not being made today.  So what I have is what I have.