1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel


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1 in stock


100_2987 1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel

1953 Chevy Headlight Bezel, made of stainless steel,  NOS and beautiful.  These bezels come and go fast and are getting very hard to find.  I will be changing my inventory often on this website and when I have some they will be listed. 

 Also listed in this website you will find a listing for these bezels made of brass.   Brass versions were also made for the 1953 Chevy and  are original GM products but because they were made of brass are Chrome Plated. 

I have found no information explaining the reason why GM used two different materials for the same bezel or when they changed materials.


What I have listed here is 1 “one” headlight bezel.

2 are needed for each car.  


If you have any other questions please call me at 352 236 6386


  These are not being made today.  So what I have is what I have.