1953 or 1954 Chevy Clock    rare GM Electric

Listed here is a 1953-54 Chevy original accessory Electric Clock

The majority of the 1953-1954 Chevy clocks are wind up clocks.  This example is the rare 6 volt electric version.  It is extremely hard to find one of these electric clocks in any condition.  This one is in great original condition but does needs to be restored.  I have made one attempt to polish the chrome bezel and the chrome was so thin the brass began to show.  So the bezel will need the be chromed but it has no pitting.  I am selling this clock as ( Not Working ). Not working because without cleaning the inside electrical components, I do not want to  add power and damage something.   I am not an expert with clocks, but I do know dust inside can catch fire and fry something.   So I will leave restoration to the buyer.

The hole in the center of the back is for a light socket with bulb which illuminates the clock  face.  This clock come with that socket and original power wires. 

The bezel does need to be chromed but the glass and lettering are perfect and are not cracked or crazed.  The knob is in excellent condition.  These electric accessory clocks are few and far between.