1953 – 1954 Chevy Heater Switch NOS

This is an NOS, new, never used heater switch for the 1953 or 1954 Chevy car.  Located within the heater control assembly mounted in the dash  and within the slide control.  It controls the blower motor on the “Air Flow Heater”


 This switch is not being made today so if you need a new heater switch, one like this NOS switch would be your only choice. 



For those who are unaware, NOS means New Old Stock.  That is a part made by GM years ago, correct for the years stated but never installed on a vehicle. 

If the part was made for some independent company like NAPA. that part would be NORS or New Old Replacement Stock.  Still could be correct for the car but just not made by GM so normally it would be worth less money.