1954 Chevy rear Bumper Guard set 

 This 1954 Chevy rear Bumper Guard set pictured here is not being made today.  This one is the only one I have at this time and is an original GM 3 piece rear guard.  The set was recently chromed to show chrome.  Don’t let the quality of the picture fool you, it is beautiful.

All original 1954 Chevy cars from the most expensive convertible to the Business Coupe used this exact same set.  Under the center of the horizontal cross bar there are 2 tabs that mount the bracket and light that held and illuminates the rear license plate.   These vertical guards, just like the front guards, are held on using a large bolt that replaces a bumper bolt and bolts through the bumper and the bumper bracket behind the bumper.  It will be shipped disassembled into 3 pieces which should save on shipping cost.

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