This clip is NOS new and is in  limited supply.   

This Universal Style Molding Clip is in limited supply and though they are made in the “universal style”  they were used on many vehicles.  In this case I have information that tells me this clip was used on the quarter panel molding of the 1962 Ford.  Exactly where on that molding or how many were used is unknown to me at this time.

This clip is made as a snap in clip.  These are used in places where you cannot access the inside of a panel to attach a nut to a threaded clip.  

The portion that would snap into the hole in the body is 5/8 in. tall.  The  flat plate of the clip is 13/16 in. long and the arm that acts as the spring that keeps the clip in place is 1  3/8 in. long.  These clips would be used on a narrow molding.

These clip set is NOS and in excellant condition


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