6 volt 129AE129AE Turn Signal Flasher 6 volt

This 129AE flasher is new, NOS, Aluminum can.  This flasher has  Black lettering on the can as pictured.  A Tung sol brand flasher,  round and tall in shape and in mint condition.  It is a 3 terminal flasher with the terminals in an unusual configuration.  This flasher will not plug into a female flasher plug.

  Many of these NOS flashers have 2 or sometimes 3 different numbers associated with them, and many times lettered on the canister.  All these number are correct for identification. The 2 0r 3 different numbers are just the manufacturers parts numbers that get changed from time to time.  I do not know why.  They call this “superseded numbers”. 

 These instructions are always on the box flashers come in

X — Power (hot lead)

L — Load (to switch operating lamps to be flashed)

  P — to Pilot indicator lamp (this connection may be omitted. Flasher will operate properly either way)