A229S 2509A229S / 261 / 2509   Turn Signal Flasher 6 volt

This A229S / 261 / 2509  flasher is new, NOS, Aluminum can.  This flasher has  Black lettering on the can as pictured.  A Ideal brand flasher,  round and tall in shape and in mint condition.  It is a 2 terminal flasher with the terminals in the normal configuration. On this flasher one terminal is male one is female.

Ford used this particular flasher on 1953-1955 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Cars.  Also some light duty trucks of those years.

  This flasher is a good example of what I was explaining about superseded numbers, in a different listing.  In the 2 pictures I have used here they are 2 different flashers, both made by Ideal, both A229S flashers but one superseded number is 261 and the other is 2509.  My research tells me the 2509 is the earliest number.  All 3 numbers refer to the same flasher.

 These instructions are always on the box flashers come in

X — Power (hot lead)

L — Load (to switch operating lamps to be flashed)

  P — to Pilot indicator lamp (this connection may be omitted. Flasher will operate properly either way)