Belt Molding Clip Chevy 1953-54 (on door) GM 4099225

53-54 door BeltThis clip  is the GM clip used on all 1953 and 1954 Chevy Belt Moldings, specifically on the door.  

The belt molding starts in the front of the car.  The windshield wipers stick through the belt molding under the windshield.  The belt molding continues across the door and wraps around the rear of the car under the rear windshield.  This clip is inserted into the molding first then when in position the molding with clips would snap into the oblong holes in the door.

To further explain or to make thing clearer: sit in the drivers  seat,  hang your arm out of the open window and it will be resting one top of the belt molding.  My friend Jimmy during our High School antics would call that position “CHARM POSITION”

I quote the movie American Graffiti  “Where were you in 62”

 The 2 door models used 8 on each door and the 4 door models used 7 on each door