Belt Molding Clip Chevy 1953-54 (on door) GM 

53-54 door BeltThis picture is an image of the correct molding clip GM used for the  1953 and 1954 Chevy Belt Line Molding found on the doors. 

These exact clips are not being made today and I do not have any.

What I am offering in this listing is a similar clip made today for a different vehicle.  It looks exactly like this clip but is made for a different vehicle.   I have found through experimenting that by using that different clip as a base and lightly modifying it, that clip can be made to work very nicely on the 53-54 Chevy Belt Line application. 

Please understand that each and every clip I modify is tried on an original GM 1953 and 1954 belt molding for fit and function.  I modify these clips one at a time.   Until someone begins making the exact correct clips, these modified clips will work just fine. I have been selling these modified clips for over a year not with no complaints or returns.



So you understand where the Belt Line Molding is:

Sit in the driver’s seat, hang your arm out of the open window and your arm will be resting one top of the belt molding.  My good friend Jimmy, during our High School antics, would call that position “CHARM POSITION”

 The 2 door models used 8 on each door and the 4 door models used 7 on each door 

Any questions please call me a t 352 875 2344