51-52 TL plasticplastic Taillight Lens     1951 and 1952 Chevy

A plastic Chevy Taillight Lens for either 1951 or 1952 Chevy.  The lens is a NORS “now old replacement stock”, red in color. 

A comparison between a glass TL lens and a plastic TL lens are shown below

 Glass lenses have several things that make them better than a plastic lens 

1. They will normally look brighter when the brakes are applied. 

2.  If you convert your electric system to 12 volt and use a “bright” bulb,  the plastic can melt.  

3.  After time the plastic will tarnish and become dull, glass stays shiny longer 

You will find a plastic version of this lens listed elsewhere on this page but they were never offered from GM. These plastic lenses were a replacement lens sold in auto parts  stores similar to NAPA.  Both lenses fit well and are easy to replace. 

Some of the reasons people used them in the 50’s were

1. price,  cheaper than  buying from a Chevy dealer. 

2. availability, auto parts stores were on every corner. 

3. less breakable, is you dropped one they normally would not break.  Glass will.

One important point to understand is that both the 1951 Chevy and the 1952 Chevy used the same complete taillight assembly.  No difference at all.