Chev of 40 53-54 grav shld clip set $18.001951-1954 Chevy Gravel Shield Clip Set 

This clip set will work on all models of the 1951-1954 Chevy Car using the stainless shield.  

This clip set is for the gravel shield found on the quarter panel of the 2 door models and on the rear door of the 4 door models.  There are enough clips for both sides of the car.  These are reproductions clips that when compared to the original clip, are a perfect match.

They come with the nuts as pictured. On the back of the shield you will find tabs made into the edge of the shield that these clips will press onto. 

For information sake, Gravel Shields are sometimes call Stone Guards, Stone Shields and various other names.  These clips are used on the gravel shields of the 51-54 Chevy stainless shields but not the rubber shield used on the 150 model.  Those rubber shields on all 1949-1954 cars have the clips molded in as part of the rubber shield.