Headlight Bucket repair clip

This Headlight Bucket repair clip is used to replace the rusted or corroded lower headlight bucket fastener clip.  That is the clip normally found riveted onto the bucket and is located dead bottom on the bucket. 

Most of the headlight bezels for the 40’s to the late 50’s were held onto the fender using a wire clip on top that slid into a slot in the bucket and a chrome screw that went through a hole in the bezel then screwing into a clip dead bottom on the bucket.  Too many time that clip is rusted away.  This repair clip replaces that rusted clip and thus saving you from replacing the entire bucket assembly.

This clip is 1 1/4 in wide overall and 3/4 inch center to center of the 2 holes.  It stands 5/8 inch tall at its tallest point.

What I have listed here is 1 “one” repair clip.

These are not being made today.


If you have any other questions please call me at 352 875 2344


  These are not being made today.  So what I have is what I have.