NOS Parking Light or Backup Lights Assemblies

 Listed here are NOS Parking Light or Backup Lights Assemblies.

The appearence of scratches on the chrome bezl one the left is a shadow.  Both bezels are like new.  


Listed here are a pair of NOS light assemblies.  Unfortunately, I do not know what vehicle they originally came on.  They are about the same size as the 51-52 Chevy backup light assemblies, but one interesting difference is the glass lens was made with an angle to it.  If you laid just one of these lenses on a flat table, you would see a distinctive angle in the glass.  They are slightly smaller in size that the 51-52 Backup lights.  These assemblies are in new condition and if you can identify them as being for your ride they would make a nice addition.

This light assembly should be able to be used as is with no problems.  I do believe you will be happy this this one.

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