Repair Screw for 1953 Chevy Parking Light

 I have this repair screw for the 1953 Chevy Parking Light made by a local machine shop.  As you should be able to see in the pictures it is unique in that it has male threads on one end and female threads on the other end.

If you own a 1953 Chevy you would find these screws holding the stainless parking light bezel in place and also holding the Parking Light Assembly onto the end of the grill.   From age sometimes this screw that threads into the female side can brake off when you try to remove it.  Or the male side might brake off when you are taking the car apart for restoration. This repair screw is made to replace that broke screw and save an otherwise useless parking light assembly.   

Included with every screw is a stainless screw to hold the stainless bezel on, the nut to hold the assembly onto the grill and a black”flat washer” that will hold the screw in place. I also include written instructions on how to install the screw with every screw shipped.



I will say up front that the screw is only 99% correct but works without any problems.  I say 99% as to be completely honest with you.  To explain, where the male and female ends of the screw meet, on the original GM screw there was a square shoulder that held the screw in place.  At that point my screw is round because the machine shop that I used could not make that square.  In place of that square I use a black flat nut, shown in the picture, which holds the screw in place of that square.  I promise it does work correctly and when is stalled as per my instructions it holds correctly and works very well.