49-52 Rocker1949-1952 Chevy Rocker Molding Clip Set 

This rocker molding clip set will work on all models of the 1949-1952 Chevy Car. 

The rectangular clips are use down both sides of the rockers  and snap into square style holds in the body while the 4 “T-bolt” style clips are used in the front of each rocker.   Simply put the “T-bolt” clips is used in the beginning of the molding to help prevent the molding from getting  popping off while driving.  The rectangular clips hold the molding on and the T-bolt secures it to the fender. 

Think of this, driving down a dirt road, slightly over grown, a stick or a piece of saw grass slides behind the front molding as you are making a turn.  You continue the turn and the saw grass catches and pops the molding off if the molding is not tight to the front fender so the saw grass cannot slide behind it.

Thus the use of the t-bolt.