270363 1953-55 rocker1953-1955 Chevy Rocker Molding Clip Set

  The 1953-1955 Chevy Rocker Molding Clip Set listed here is a replacement clip set.  The 1953 and 1954 Chevy used this clip set in conjunction with the #2498 clip listed elsewhere on this page.  But the #2498 clip is not used one the 1955 Chevy.  Clip #2498 was used to fasten the Rocker Panel Molding to the front fender only, one on each side.  These replacement clips, pictured here, are designed to fasten to the body using sheet metal screws, placing one between each of the original square molding clip holes.  


 I am referring to this clip set as a “replacement clip set” because these clips are held on with a sheet metal screw.  The original  rocker molding clips for 53-55 snapped into a square hole in the rocker panel.  Those original GM clips are not being made today. These clips are made to replace the original snap in style and work fine.  But for the purist or for high end restoration projects,  I recently found a limited supply of “GM Original”  53-55 Rocker Molding Clips.  They are listed elsewhere.