MC3  #1254 Buick 1934-36 Hood LouversBuick molding clip  1934-1936

This clips  is an NOS molding clips  said to be for the Hood Louvers on the 1934-1936 Buick.

This clip is a small clip not tiny but definately small.   The replacement number for this clip is #1254 which would be found on the box.   The information I am offering came from that box the clips were in when I purchased them so please do your own research to be sure.

 In this picture you can see the main base of the clip has a slight curve to it.   That base section is 11/16 inch long by 5/8 inch wide.  The width and the length in this picture would be shown as — wide being left to right and length being top to bottom.  The part of the clip that forms the “T” leg  probably inserts into a slot in the hood and that leg is 1/2 inch tall and shapped like a 2 bladed lumber jacks axe.

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