MC3 bottom second row right Unidentified molding clip  

This clips  is an NOS molding clips  but is unidentified to me.  I have no part number to ID this clip.

This clip is medium size is made of thin sheet metal.  This clip has  foam rubber on its inside. 

 In this picture you can see the main clip is small and has a right angle curve to it.  The base is not flat rather has a gentle curve that  becomes a right angle then narrows to a standing piece.  The base measures 7/8 inch wide by 1/2 inch at the point it bends to the right angle.   I stays 7/8 inch wide for another 3/8 inch after the 90% bend then it becomes  1/2 inch wide and stand 5/8 inch tall from a flat surface.

Because this clip is NOS I cannot reorder this clip so what I have is all I have.

If you have any questions concerning this clip or any other clip

please call me at 352 236 6386