Unique but Universal Style Molding clip

This clip is new NOS  Clip.   

This clip, generally speaking is made like a universal clip but has a bend in the flat plate. 

 They are not being made today so are in limited supply.   In this case I am not sure of the  application and I strongly suggest you compare the picture and measurements I provide to any original examples you may have. 

The flat plate portion of this clip is  1 3/8 in. long and has a bend in it as pictured. Tha bend is not straight across the plate, rather bent at roughly a 45 degree bent up and 45 degree angle across the plate.  The screw is 1/2 in. long and found on one end of the plate not centered as shown in the picture.  There are no ears on this clip.

If you have any questions concerning this clip or any other 

please call me at 352 875 2344