This clip is new NOS.   

This is a Universal Style Molding Clip  and  they are not being made today so are in limited supply.  They were used on may different  vehicles in the past.  In this case I am not sure of any specific application and are in limited supply 

The flat plate is 1 3/4 in. long at its longest point. The portion that would go into the hole in the body is just shy of 5/8 in. tall.  There are 2 ear that stands up and are connected together as one on the side of the clip that would face the molding.  Those ears stand up 7/8 in. tall. The ears can rotate in any direction and the part that presses into a hole in the body can slide from one end of the plate to the other end of the plate.  Most likely it would be used on a large molding becasue every part of the clip is made heavy duty.

If you have any questions concerning this clip or any other clip

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