Universal Style Molding Clip

This clip is NOS new and is in very limited supply.   

This Universal Style Molding Clipis in limited supply and though they are made in the “universal style”  they are found on many diferent vehicle applications.  Which one correct for this clip specificly,  I do not know.

 The flat plate is 2 3/8 in. long. The portion that would go into the hole in the body is 5/8 in. tall.  There are 2 different length legs on the outside of the clip.  “Outside meaning the side facing the molding”.  One leg is 1 5/8 in. long, the other is 1 1/16 un. long.  My opinion is that this clips was used one a molding  between 1 5/8 in and 1 3/4 in wide.  The two legs indicate that the moldings had a hump in it and was not flat.  Those legs are added so as to stop the molding from twising or rotating keeping it flat against the body panel even on a curve.  

Just for information:

 if the clip had only one leg, that would indicate the molding has a peak.

These clip set is NOS and in excellant condition

but I do not have aclue what they were used on. 

If you have any questions concerning this clip or any other clip

please call me at 352 236 6386