1949-1954 Chevy “Complete” Dome Light Assembly

 Listed here is a Chevy dome light assembly found on the 1949-1954 Chevy’s.   

The part of the light that includes the bulb socket and bulb, GM referred to as the reflector.  This reflector is not being made today and neither is the switch.  Most reflectors that come into my hands today have a bad switch.  I have found a new switch that I us to replace of the original switch.  Looks the same when installed and functions the same when installed.  The one difference is that the wire on the original switch plug in and on this switch one wire needs to be soldered in place.

You are buying a restored assembly with a new switch.

This assembly has an original reflector with a new reproduction chrome bezel and a new reproduction lens.  I do not include a bulb unless you tell me whether your car is 6 or 12 volts.   This can be done on the order form under notes.

These are also used in Pontiac and or Oldsmobile in some of those years. 

The reflector used in these lights are not being made today so original one restored are your only choice.

 These dome lights were used on Chevy cars from 1949-54 in the 2-door sedan, 4 door sedan and the wagon.  

They were not used in the Sport Coupe “HT” or the Convertible.


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