1949-1954 ChevyDSCN4745 Dome Light    Reflector

  “please read description completely”

A  Complete Dome Lamp Reflector.  This dome light reflector pictured here is what the original should look like.  It is rare to find these dome light reflectors  like the one in the picture.  One of the primary reasons for this is that the switch, seen to the left, more often than not, does not work.  Sometimes they cannot be fixed. 

So with many trials behind me I have found a new wafer switch that is able to be mounted in the original bracket and used in place of an original damaged switch.  

Please understand what you are buying is an original reflector with original socket but with a new replacement switch. 

The difference between the original switch and the replacement switch is this. The original switch is connected directly to the reflector with a metal band connected directly to one contact of the switch.  The replacement switch, in comparison, has 2 contacts as the original did, is a spst switch as the original was but the replacement switch does not connect directly to the reflector.  This means when wiring your dome light, you will need to solder and wire from one switch terminal to some part of the reflector. 

When this reflector is installed into the chrome bezel, the switch is exactly the same in appearance and function as the original.

I will be adding more pictures to clarify the changes.

These are used in Chevy’s from 1949-54 in the 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan and the wagon.  This dome light reflector is not used in the Sport Coupe “HT” or the Convertible. They are used on Pontiac and  Oldsmobile cars in those years.