52-54 glove box lite NOS Glove Box Light  Complete    1952-1954 Chevy

From 1952-1954  GM offered this small push button light in the Glove Box as an option.  It was also used on Pontiac and I believe Oldsmobile of those years.

This is a complete assembly and is NOS,  new.

When you open you glove compartment you should see a small hole made into the metal dash frame, top left side.  This is where the light presses into.  The light is made with a spring loaded push button that is pushed in when the door is closed which turns the light off.  When the door is opened that button springs out and turns the bulb on.  The bulb is inserted into the socket made on the back side if this unit.  The wire seen in the picture is the power feed and the metal body is the ground.  These will work with either a 6 volt or 12 volt system by changing the bulb from 6 to 12 volt. No bulb is included because of this 6 or 12 volt possibility.

This same light was offered as an accessory for the pickups of the same years with a small “L” shaped bracket as part of the package.   The glove compartment in the trucks did not have the mounting hole made into the dash so this extra bracket added a hole for the light to be mounted. 

The light you are buying does not have that extra bracket.