53-54 door

Chevy Door Molding Clip 1953-1954

This clip is for the 1953-1954 Chevy door molding that is a continuation of the front fender molding.  This molding is about 1/2 way down the door between the glass and the rocker panel.

It is a blind type of molding clip in that it snaps into a hole in the door from the outside of the door.  These are original GM NOS clips not reproductions.  No one is making these today.  In this picture the horizontal measurement is 1 1/8 in.  The vertical measurement in this picture is 3/8 inch.  The clip snaps onto the door then the molding snaps onto the molding.  The replacement number for this clip is #4585973

These clip set is NOS and in excellant condition. 


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