1953 and 1954 Chevy 2 Door Sedan Weatherstrip Kit

Listed here is a weatherstrip kit containing many of the weatherstrip seals needed on the

1953 or 1954 Chevy 2 Door Sedan. 

Pictured above, for clarity, is a 1954 Chevy 2 Dr Sedan.

Listed below are the weathertrip seals found in this kit.

Hood to Cowl Seal

Door Seals

Trunk Seal

Vent Window Seals (both doors)

Windshield Seal (with grove for stainless molding)

Rear Window Seal (with groove for stainless moldings)

Anti Squeak kit

Inner and Outer Front Fender Seals 


a Window Track kit (tracks and sweeps needed for both doors and both quarter windows)


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