Business Pictures 9391953 Chevy Hood Emblem 

This 1953 Chevy Hood Emblem is an original GM Hood Emblem dchromed to show quality.

Please understand that some of these offered have had extensive work to make the surface of the emblem smooth enough to be re chromed. Sometimes the lettering can suffer because of this work. I will not sell an emblem that has the lettering removed but in some cases the lettering can be thin.  The lettering will need to be painted.

This emblem is as beautiful as you can get.  I apologize for the pricing, but everything cost more today from the cost of a core to the cost to chroming. 

All I can say is you will be happy with this emblem. 

I sell the plastic insert separately and you will need to install it. 

No one makes a reproduction of this emblem so your only choice is one like this re chromed.