49-54 Fndr Skirt1949-1954 Chevy Fender Skirt Clip Set   #1063

This Fender Skirt Clip Set will work on all models of the 1949-1954 Chevy Car. 


 These are a reproduction made to work with the stock style fender skirt and are a set of 4 pieces as pictured.  They are fastened in place with screws.  You will mount one on the front  and one on the rear of each rear wheel opening. 



If your Chevy came from the factory with the optional fender skirts included, even if the skirts are long gone, it is possible that you car already has these on it.  But many of these Chevy’s never came with fender skirts so it is just as possible your car never had these installed from the factory. 

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