Latest  update    11/30/2018 

Belair Auto Parts will be closed from December 1st till the 10th for vacation.  Any orders placed during that time will be processed upon returning. 

Please accept my sincere thanks to all my customers and friends I have helped or spoken with in the past year 2018.  Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Hanukkah.

May the new year of 2019 be happy, healthy and prosperous to all Americans.


Hello my name is Mike.

That is my picture you see.  I am the owner and operator of Belair Auto Parts.  I am who you will be talking to when you call and who will process your order when you buy parts. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit and may God Bless you no matter what your religious affiliation.

This website is a new version of my old website www.belairautoparts.com/newdesign.  The old website is now closed.  Too many problems and too many complaints.  Created to replace my old site this new site has much more information related to each part listed.  I will continue adding parts daily and in about 100 years I might have all my parts listed.  Since I am already 71 yrs old I just might need to have God’s helping hand finish this project.

If you have any questions please call me as I am addicted to Antique Cars so answering questions is fun to me.  This does not make me an expert but does make me a storehouse of trivial knowledge.

Thanks for understanding. 

   Please call me if you need something you do not see listed       Mike 

Belair Auto Parts

1921 se 172nd Terrace Silver Springs, FL 34488 

PH: 352 236 6386         Cell: 352 875 2344

[email protected]     or     [email protected]

Specializing in 1949-1954 Chevy Parts

 I started Belair Auto Parts in 2001.  I have been answering  questions and selling parts all over the world since day one.  Information is what sets Belair Auto Parts aside from my competitors.  I can tell you why you are having trouble finding a light socket for you 1953’s  backup lights.  Or why the  wiper blade on you 1954 Convertible is hitting the top of the windshield stainless.  Also I have a large quantity of parts book for these cars which have  many exploded view diagrams of different sections of the car.  These diagrams can help show you how things are put together and possibly you might see a part you are missing.  Send me an email at [email protected] and I will respond and try to help.   


You can find Belair Auto Parts the 1st Sunday of every month at the Sumter Co. Fairground Swap Meet, Webster, FL                Spaces K177 & K178

no Swap Meets in July or August — too hot!


Please visit my son Eddie’s website


He sells strictly original owners manuals.  No reproductions.  He can help you find or sell you any owners manual you might need including but not limited to American, Canadian and or foreign car, truck or submarine. (just kidding) Submarines don’t have owners manuals but if they did he would sell them.

Please visit his site.