1949-1954 Chevy Headlight Bezel O-ring


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o-ring-large1949-1954 Chevy Headlight Bezel   O-ring

1949-1954 Chevy Headlight Bezel O-ring  is a complete circle without any wire insert

 These O-rings are the same for 1949-1954  Chevy cars and 1947-1953 Chevy trucks.  Definately the same one used on 1947-1954 Chevy Pickups.  These are good quality rubber.

Elsewhere on this page you will find listed other headlight O-rings that do have the wire insert.  The O-ring with the wire insert is how GM made them from the factory  but both work just fine.  The wire fasteners that hold these O-rings in places are listed elsewhere on this page.

What I have listed here is 1 “one” headlight bezel O-ring.

2 are needed for each car one for each headlight.  They are located between the stainless headlight bezel and the glass bulb.   


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