Business Pictures 9391953 Chevy Hood Emblem 

This 1953 Chevy Hood Emblem is an original GM Hood Emblem.  I buy good used ones and have them re chromed.   You will be receiving what is in the picture.  I sell the plastic insert separately and you will need to install it.  You will also need to paint the Chevrolet letter on this item.  The word Chevrolet is indented into the parts and the paint goes in the indent.  Though when chromed these look better than new and customers always love them, you need to understand that sometime the indented word “Chevrolet”  can become thin due to the process of prepping the pot metal for chroming.  Unfortunately this cannot be helped.   Look at the pictures and you will see the true condition you are buying. 

No one makes a reproduction of this emblem so your only choice is one like this re chromed.