1953 Chevy one piece Front Bumper 

These 1953 Chevy Bumpers are being made today new and have very nice chrome.  They will work nicely with or without using the bumper guards and I have had no complaints about these bumpers, having shipped hundreds.

Your original 1953 Chevy bumper was a three piece bumper, riveted together behind each bumper guard.  These guards are also known as Bumperettes. Throughout the world GM supplied the 1953 Chevy equipped with three piece bumpers EXCEPT IN CALIFORNIA.  California had different rules for production and sales.  To sell a 1953 Chevy in California they had to be equipped with a One Piece Bumper.  That is why these one piece bumpers are called California Style one piece Bumpers.  They have holes for bumper bolts and use the stock size “high dome” bumper bolt listed elsewhere on this page.

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